I am a dreamer.

Always have been.

So sometimes

I get caught up in the ‘What if’s’ ‘maybes’ & ‘In a perfect world’.

But what if I stop with all that.

What if I see that maybe I am in the perfect world.

It’s just me, and I am proud to stand alone in it.

No you.

No us.

No maybe.

Just me.

Present. In the perfect world.

I started this for myself. A space to share creativity, in every form I may be inspired to express at the time. I have been travelling for the past seven months and have taken so much inspiration from every place I have seen. It’s now time a start giving back in which ever way shape or form it may come.

Although traveling, please don’t expect a travel blog. I post what I like in the moment: beautiful writings, thought provoking topics, travel stories, creative lessons from local artisans and any other lesson I may have learnt that you might appreciate. In essence I want to explore how we can best become present in our lives and find that balance between chasing our dreams and living in our reality.

Created & curated by Bianca Skye Honey.