Six weeks of self love!

Hello again!

Wow, I am getting so excited about everything and feeling so inspired now that I have finally managed to launch the site. Feel like I’m suddenly drawing inspiration from any and everything and have loads of ideas for the upcoming future – So stoked!!

Anyway, I’m going to be kicking it all off with six weeks of self-love!

Those of you that know me personally will know that I tried to start this about two weeks ago, however South East Asia knows how to keep me humble by giving me a good bacterial illness every now and again, bleak – but no worries.

So without being too deflated by all that, I thought I would just breathe, reboot and restart.

The reason why I want to do these six weeks is mainly because I feel we really have forgotten what self-love should be, what it looks like and how it should feel. With the veil that is drawn over social media and huge companies orchestrating these ‘ideal’ lifestyles, driving this sense of ‘want’ within us I feel it is important to acknowledge this and try something different where instead of creating this sense of ‘want’ I would rather like to drive this sense of ‘content/fulfilled’.

If you keen for some light reading there’s a few articles around the topic of social media – but I found this one done by the Huffington Post super interesting: most dangerous social media tools.

So there’s that, and then there’s the other side of the spectrum where in our day-to-day lives we just completely run ourselves down by trying to do and be million things for everyone around us – we just don’t make the time for ourselves. It really is crazy when you think about it. We try so hard to be present in everyone else’s life that we end up not being fully present within ourselves.

And that is what I want these six weeks to be about.

Becoming present within myself, giving myself the time of day to do the things I really want to do and learning to appreciate and value my own company, my own thoughts and learning to love every other aspect and trait that is me.

If you’re keen to do it with me, I’ll let you know below roughly what my six weeks are going to consist of, if you want to do similar things – feel free to draw some inspiration from them. Just remember, this is about you, your needs and your wants so try make it your own 🙂


And because I’m a mover, a shaker and a pdf maker – I made one for you! if you want something to place into your diary, put on your fridge – whatever it may be, for me it is always nice to have some structure and a plan as to what I want to get out of my week, so if you are like me – it may help :). If not, that’s cool too, it’s all about you!

6 weeks of self love!



I’ve kicked my six weeks off as of Monday (late notice I know), but I will be posting my experience, what worked, what  helped, what didn’t etc. so that when you decide to kick yours off you’ll have all the guidance you need :).

I started my six weeks by making a few goals that I want to achieve and some things I want to change in my lifestyle within these weeks (I made a page on the pdf – if you want to do the same). Here’s what mine look like:

Goals for my 6 weeks:

1. Mindful consumption

I want to be mindful about everything I place into my body and just nourish it completely – inside and out.

This means recognizable whole foods and loads of water. Since being in SE Asia I do follow mainly a vegetarian diet consisting of a lot of raw meals (Smoothies, fruit, veggie wraps etc.). This really just happened naturally and I know it isn’t for everyone, but if you are curious I would be happy to share some yummy recipes and other tips that I found helpful.

I will say though doing this even just for a week is the most amazing way to feel refreshed and cleansed – so from that perspective I would definitely recommend 🙂

2. Exercise – my meditation.

This is important to me, because I just hate it when my body feels weak and lacks energy. I’m also not that big into meditation – I have tried and I’m going to try again- but for the most part, exercising is when I meditate 😛

I would ideally like to get active everyday, it doesn’t have to be a huge workout or something strenuous – just getting out in nature is enough for me too.

3. Practice mindfulness and presence.

I recently went to work on a small organic farm in Thailand, where the whole philosophy was to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day actions. It was an odd concept to get around and actually implement at first, but once you start really getting into to it, you really start to see the benefit of it for sure.

If you want to know a bit more about this, let me know and I would be happy to share info and some of the lessons I learned.

First tip: Try get away from screens when eating!!

4. Early to bed, early to rise.

Get that full day in yo!

In Thailand my sleeping habits were absolutely outrageous! It was either a matter of only having like 3-4 hrs sleep a night to some days just sleeping the entire day! It was outrageous, and I think my body had no idea what was going on – so I’ve been working establishing my routine in Hanoi, and I have felt waaaaay better because of it 😛

5. No screens after 10pm!!

This one is crazy – I can’t believe how difficult it has been for me to implement this within my own life. It’s one of those things that only once you actively try avoid something do you realize how often and how blindly you would just check your phone, or keep working till 11pm etc.

It’s a challenge I want to set up for myself more so now that I realize how hard it really is. Don’t check emails, don’t check social media, turn off your series, and no last minute admin rituals. Just turn it all off!

6. Make time to pursue my creative interests.

Writing, drawing and  painting make me so happy – and if something makes you happy, then it IS important!

7. Try learn something new each day.

The knowledge that I gain does not have to be profound. For me this one is more about noticing that if I have in some way learned a new lesson, I have then managed to open myself up to this world and engage myself in what it has to offer.

8. Give back to the environment or community in some way.

Small changes or efforts, but they always make for a happier heart. Again, it doesn’t have to be huge, even just picking up the litter you see on the beach or the street. Many small efforts make a big one 😉

9. Make time in my day to reconnect with myself.

Take the time to enjoy my own company. It’s been so important for me realize and hopefully spread the message that being alone does not imply loneliness.

10. Just good vibes all around!

Self explanatory 😛


So these are some of the things I want to try accomplish/master in my six weeks. Feel free to share yours with me if you’re keen. Keep me updated on how you’re going and I’ll keep posting about the things that have worked for me and those that have not.

Enjoy it, fully!

For no one else, but yourself!

Much love!


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